Women Welfare Organization

Team Glad2baWoman | Nov 01, 2012

Women Welfare Organisation (WWO) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that was founded by a group of women volunteers. These women belong to various walks of life such as education, health, and women activism. In January 2007, WWO was registered under Social Welfare Ordinance of 1961.

It's registered office is currently located in the district of Jaffarabad. It mainly focuses on rural areas, and its area of intervention includes the entire province of Baluchistan. The government is undertaking many endeavours to expand its area of intervention the districts of Nasirabad, Kachi and Sibi. The main strength of this organization is its dedicated team of women who run and supervise the governing body as well as the women professionals who, with their far-sighted and humanitarian vision, lend substantial support the foundation. The organization holds the fundamental belief that Female Development is the key to sustainable development. It has been carrying on incessant work in various kinds of projects that cover different fields such as education, health awareness, capacity-building etc. The Board of Directors constitute the governing body of the organization, and is also responsible for the framing and formulation of policy issues and the likes. Besides appointing the various heads of the organization, it also ensures the smooth functioning of the overall activities. External auditors conduct the regular audit of accounts.

The vision of the organization is to lay the foundation for a peaceful, healthy, gender sensitive and prosperous society, where women and the youth will have their rights to a life of dignity safeguarded. The mission of the organization is to empower two principal sections of the society, womenfolk and the youth, in all the basic fields of life so that they can improve their living conditions.

The objectives of the Women Welfare Organization are to take concrete steps for basic improvement of health and sanitary provisions, to provide free medical aid to senior citizens, to take necessary measures for environmental preservation, to protect women’s and children’s rights and the development of the community, to raise awareness amongst the young students (especially girls), to provide networking facilities to social development institutions, and to provide micro-credit to rural women so that they are financially empowered. The sectors that WWO aims to deal with are basic health, family planning, basic education, environment, gender development, training and research, group formation, availability of small loans etc. It attempts to form a widespread coordination and network with women-centric organizations, research institutions, NGOs that fight for women’s rights, minority groups, legal forums etc.

The chief strategies of the organization include establishing health units, organizing seminars, rallies, group discussions, workshops etc., providing health education, spreading awareness about HIV, encouraging tree plantation at a large scale, providing financial knowledge and saving schemes, amongst others. WWO conceives and implements its work-plan, counting on the prudent utilization of existing resources, punctuality and the sheer force of team-work.

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