Journey of a woman

A cold jittery winter night in Pahalgam, India

Expectant father Mahesh was nervously meandering across the narrow stretch outside the Maternity ward. More than anything else he was worried whether it would be a boy or a girl.
Meanwhile his wife Nandini, though much in pain, was hoping against hope that she be rewarded with a boy, despite knowing for sure that she was carrying a girl. She once considered “honour killing” her unborn child as she had never wanted a girl. A girl would mean all the suffering and probably much more than what she has to suffer. But mindful of the laws of foeticide she decided against it. Soon the news of the arrival of baby girl made her senseless and an eerie smile spread all over Mahesh’s face when he heard about it.

My question: what is the fault of the child who is unwelcome in this world?
Answer: She is a ‘Girl’.

Though Mahesh and Nandini were well educated and lived in a posh area, becoming parents of a daughter (named Upeksha) was an unpalatable situation for them. As the name would suggest she was neglected by both her parents. She was devoid of fatherly love and her mother would continuously nag for being a girl. In lieu of the toys, petty household chores became her responsibility after the school hours. A child whose childhood is spent in such formidability instead of tenderness could only rue about her existence.

My question: Why is a child who has her parents and a home living the life of a destitute?
Answer: Because She is a ‘Girl’.

Upeksha, who lived her life in misery , whose childhood was not more than a scary dream had no hopes of a better life and true to her thoughts, just after passing her higher secondary exams with distinction she was married off at the age of 18. She wasn’t even considered for any higher education and no one allowed her to think about her future or career.

My question: Why should a person be deprived of higher education?
Answer: Because she is a ‘Girl’.

A child who is cursed by her parents can never have a felicitous life in her in-laws house. At first, harassed by dowry and then physical violence Upeksha had to bear everything. One day her husband came home after being drunk and after unrestrained abuse he threw acid on her. Luckily Upeksha managed to avert her face and the acid fell on her hands. She was rushed to the hospital and later decided to file for divorce.

My question: Why is a person forced to bear inhuman treatment in the name of dowry?
Answer: Because she is a ‘Girl’.

After the divorce it was obvious her parents would neglect her. Upeksha decided to earn her own living. After much exertion she got a job. Her professional life wasn’t easier than her personal life had been as she had to endure the lustful eyes and rough vernaculars from the people around. One evening while returning from office Upeksha noticed two men were following her. She started walking briskly and then running but the two men got hold of her and tried to rape her. Upeksha knew it was the time now or never she pulled up a clip from her hair and forced into the right eye of one of them. She used the pointed tip of her shoe to kick the private parts of the other. Before the first person could gather himself she pushed him off the bridge. Seeing this other man ran away.

My Question: Why did she have to suffer such a criminal act?
Answer: Because she is a ‘Girl’.

Upeksha survived humiliation for a time being but she didn’t know what was to come next. The person whom Upeksha pushed from the bridge turned out to be a landlord’s son and he sustained multiple fractures. After few months Upeksha received a call from an unknown number - the woman on the other side in tears asked her to call her back and hung up. Upeksha called back and then her door bell rang. Through the peephole she saw a woman standing outside. She opened the door and the woman ran inside closing the door. Before Upeksha could realize what was happening. The door bell rang again this time it was men from police. She opened the door and before she could utter any word they said you are under arrest for human trafficking. The woman who entered her house earlier was a pimp. Officers checked her last received and dialed number it was of that same woman. Upeksha was unaware of what was happening around her and before she could realize it…the next day’s newspaper published the headline - ‘Girl arrested along with her pimp for human trafficking’ along with her photograph.

My Question: What was Upeksha’s fault for being arrested for something she never committed?
Answer: She is a ‘Girl’.

Had it been any other girl she would have crumbled but Upeksha was certainly not any ordinary girl. She raised her voice and after all DNA and medical tests it was proved Upeksha was Innocent. She was then helped by an NGO and a social activist. With their kind deeds Upeksha spend few years in rehabilitation to recover from the Physical, Emotional and Social crime committed against her.
Now Upeksha is an independent, divorced, single working woman who works in a primary school and also holds classes to train young girls the art of self security through karate.
This is not a fictional story –it has been picked from the real lives of several doomed woman across the country. Starting from Woman Foeticide, Honour Killing, Child Slavery, Lack of Proper Education, Dowry, Inhuman atrocities from the in-laws, Physical Violence, painful Divorce, Eve teasing, Rape, Human Trafficking. You name it and you can get a real example from across the country.

Do you think that all these problems are because she is a girl?
No, being a girl is not the problem. The problem is with the society, people’s mentality, their thinking, laws and the people abiding the laws. Ranging from a single person of a family to a person holding an authoritative post, it’s everybody’s fault. Fresh from the news of the rape capital of India, Delhi; am shocked to hear it over and over again and I personally believe capital punishment isn’t a solution for such criminals. These criminals should be forced to live like those of the oppressed Women who had to live rest of their life in shame and dishonor. The best possible punishment for those should be their genitals be ripped off and then it would give a positive signal for all especially to those criminals because as long as these eunuchs would survive with their disability they will remind each and every individual for the state they are in because of their wrong doings.

We come from a land where a woman is worshipped but the present scenario is disheartening. I believe there is a need for entire revolution. Everything needs to be changed starting from the laws against gender discrimination at birth to the laws against rape and human trafficking. Not only the laws but people abiding by those laws should be corruption free and the defaulters should be legitimately punished. The revolution which I am talking about can only be brought about through awareness, education, economic independence, proper laws and exemplary punishments to predators.
Let she be not only worshipped but let her live a wholesome life by changing the world around her so that she can be a representative for the coming generation as she is the one who holds the future.

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