When friendship turns to love

Team Glad2baWoman | Jan 08, 2013

Friendship is a beautiful emotion that is fostered between two people, built on the strong foundation of mutual love. Love, doesn’t always necessarily refer to romantic love – and love always forms the basis of all personal relationships. Many a time, love between friends of the opposite sex does develop into something more and when that happens, the transition from friends to lovers can be fraught with delicious tension and a whole new vista of exploring each other as a whole new person.

More often than not, what happens is that two friends, who are single, ignore a mutual attraction – they think they are both in the “friend zone” and nothing more can come out of their relationship. However, if you are in such a situation, where your best friend is a member of the opposite sex, then don’t be blind to the subtle signs that the feelings or the equation between the two of you is changing. Love, with true friendship as a foundation, is an ideal situation.

If you feel the first hints of attraction to your best friend then it is wise to look for similar hints in his/her body language to see if the emotions match. Body language is a key indicator –do draw your hints from that. If you find yourself leaning closer to listen to a whispered secret or wanting to hold hands for longer while crossing the road – it’s a sure sign that you are smitten by your best friend. Similarly, if the other person constantly finds reason to touch you, lean on you or exchanges smiles for no reason, there may be reason to rejoice. Someone who is interested in you will find reason to be around you all the time. An increased interest in what you think of what he/she is wearing, significant happiness or dejection at your response are important indicators too. Increased interest in hobbies, likes and dislikes and a keen consideration of personal tastes are also indicators that will tell you your best friend is falling for you.

The emotional responses to any action – significant or otherwise is also another way of telling if the friendship is fostering into something more. If texts go unanswered, the impatience builds or if calls are not returned then there is a definite feeling of sadness. Negative comments about anyone else who is interested in you is another sign that the friend doesn’t feel too kindly about you having other romantic attachments. Every attempt and excuse will be made to monopolize your time and your advice will be sought for everything. Subtle flirting will also be evident, with a quick cover up – post, as though it didn’t mean anything - however, these are sure signs of vulnerable emotions.

If you do see these or any other signs of friendship turning to love, try not to ignore them. If you are single and ready for a relationship then the best thing to do would be to explore the new feelings budding between you and your bestie. For a best friend will know you inside out, will know your flaws and still love you. There will be no reason to hide imperfections to impress another person, with the constant fear that a flaw or idiosyncrasies will lead to misunderstandings. The best thing about friends becoming lovers is that the bad things are already known and taken care of – only the good things remain – the romantic side is left to be explored.

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