Beauty gurus and the business of online beauty blogging

Laetitia Wagnapel earns £ 42,000 annually [INR 35, 20,633] while Bethanie Lunn, 30, earns a little less at £35,000 [INR 29, 33,861]. Their source of income is unusual but rich in dividends; they are beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers. Across the globe in Hong Kong, Erica Yuen, actress and founder of Mi Ming Mart, raked in HK$3 Million in 2010, and relies on her personal endorsement of selected products to bring in customers who trust her to have their best interests in mind.

The business of beauty is booming and Indian beauty guru’s are not far behind with picking up on this money-making trend. Websites like have up to 450,000 “likes” on their facebook fan page and thousands of faithful fellow bloggers who comment on their reviews of beauty products and add their own opinions, thus contributing to the online beauty “buzz” [popular conversation]. Another website which is run by a 24-year-old wedding shopper and has made its presence felt is Both websites follow the usual practices of beauty-based websites; they recommend new products, present “swatches” [or samples] of new make- up shades on their skin to show their readers, critique products which are not suitable for a particular skin type and also have contests, known as “giveaways” where lucky subscribers to their blog or YouTube channel can win free make-up and beauty products.

To be a beauty guru, you must have a consistent love for all things fashion, lifestyle and make-up, and must possess an eye for spotting trends in the market. Starting your own YouTube channel or blog is free of cost, and you can always upgrade to a professional website when you are ready to invest. Finding a short, catchy title for your channel or blog is important, and should sound professional if you are looking at earning money from it. Next, blog or post videos regularly; potential sponsors and advertisers will look out for a beauty guru who is consistent with their posts, writes clearly and has high quality photographs and graphics to add to the aesthetic appeal of their work. Garnering a large fan following will take time, but regular online interactions, comments and posts to other beauty gurus will increase the traffic to your blog/channel so be sure to network regularly. Within a month, you can look at earning via Google ads or other advertisements which will pay you; usually on the basis of how many times the ad link has been viewed; or on the basis of how many people follow your channel/blog. Companies have differing prerequisites, some look for popular gurus while others track those who are gaining popularity and reach in the market.

Both beauty bloggers as well as YouTube channel gurus have immense potential to earn money, ranging from a mere 50 cents to up to 100 dollars. Earnings increase based on the guru’s ability to attract and influence viewers, and on the number of followers and subscribers who believe in them. Companies often contact gurus to endorse their products, and pay well-known guru’s thousands of dollars to wear their clothes, market their bags and praise their new perfume line. As per the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines, it is legally-required for all sponsored content information to be displayed prior or during the video/mid-blog post, the penalty for not doing so could amount to fines of up to $11,000. In-stream and In-video ads on YouTube are advertisements which play 10 seconds prior to the actual video or midway through it; the payment for these ads depends on channel traffic and subscriber count and could go up to $20 per 1000 views of the ad.

Overall, the business of beauty is lucrative if you follow simple rules and maintain protocol. It will take time and dedication in order to achieve the status of popular beauty gurus on YouTube and blogger, but the rewards will be worth it. Popular beauty guru’s, Elle and Blair Fowler have garnered over 350 Million views on their respective YouTube channels and have started their own website where they sell self-labelled merchandise. The sisters recently starred in a reality show for aspiring beauty gurus, where they encouraged upcoming talent and provided tips and tricks on how to “make it” in the business. Another beauty guru, Michelle Phan, is now a spokesperson for Lancôme and is constantly contacted by companies to review their products. A number of Indian women now have their own free blogs which contain advertisements and endorsements by a number of well-known companies and online shopping websites. Initially it is recommended that you start slow with a free channel or blog, and assess your level of patience as you make your foray into this exciting world of material goods and aesthetic joy; if you feel you can dedicate time to build on your credibility, this is the part-time or even full time career for you !

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