Winter Skin-Care for Your Baby

It’s that time of the year again when the dipping temperatures, the nip in the air and the dry, dull winds pose a threat to our skin. It goes without saying that for your little one, winters strike even more harshly. The soft, vulnerable and often extra-sensitive skin of babies need added care to deal with the winter weather. Whether stepping out with the little darling or staying indoors and cuddling up with him/her, make sure your bundle of joy receives the required skin-care that is most essential to save him from the wintry gusts.

Moisturizing is very important so prevent the delicate skin from getting chapped. Moisturize immediately after bath, as also before heading out in the cold. After an enjoyable time at the tub, splashing water all around, your baby needs a massage of baby lotion on his/her damp skin to sustain the moisture. For the supple rosebud lips, a thin coat of petroleum jelly or a gentle lip balm is the best. Petroleum jelly can also be applied just underneath his/her nose to prevent raw skin from the running noses, as infants are often prone to catching cold during this season. The skin-care products that are used should be rich in Vitamin A, D and E. Give the baby powders a break since powder during winters will make the skin even more susceptible to roughness, loss of moisture and unease. Use cold creams instead, one that is tender to your baby’s skin. Using an unscented bath emollient and replacing soap with a water based cream will protect the skin from eczema.

Also, the baby should be dressed in breathable layers, so as to ensure sufficient air circulation. It may sound strange, but heat rashes can also occur during winter, if the baby is made to sit for long in an enclosed, confined space, dressed too warmly for comfort. If the temperature soars at any point of the day, it is advisable to remove a layer of clothing and keep him/her in a comfortable and well-ventilated area. The clothes should be changed at regular intervals and never leave him/her absolutely undressed.

If you live in a city/country that is known for its extreme winter then be mindful of frost-nip. A milder form of frostbite, it is a common occurrence during winters. Exposed areas of your baby’s skin, particularly the toes and tiny fingers are too delicate to withstand the cold, rough winter winds. It is always a good idea to cover his/her feet, hands, and head with warm socks, shoes, hat, mittens or whatever serves the purpose. The clothes should be kept in a warm place before dressing the baby up in them. Woolly clothes should never be just next to the baby’s skin. Natural fabrics are always much better than synthetic ones. Also, nappies must be changed at frequent intervals to shoo away the evil nappy rashes!

Take the extra care to restore the softness and suppleness of your baby’s skin, and don’t let the brutal winter air to affect it adversely. After all, he/she is your priceless gift of life, and deserves all the attention!

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