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Puberty in women is a blessed state when nature announces that a woman is fertile and her reproductive organs are well developed. But, with it comes the other disadvantages of undergoing the puberty and menstrual cycle for four to six days every month - health issues, pre-menstrual syndrome, development of spots and acnes leading to cosmetic nuisance as well as painful periods.

Women have been asking for ages why they have to undergo this from the age of twelve till they reach menopause which is also a turbulent time. Stress, tension, headaches, lack of sleep, osteoporosis, weakness, overweight and more are the free packages that come along with menopause. Unless a very careful and healthy lifestyle is followed, every woman has to undergo all these problems.

We may try to be healthy but a healthy lifestyle is not achieved because the food we eat is not of good quality thanks to the present day scenario of adulterating food and using copious amounts of pesticide for crops. A redeeming factor in this would be the fact that attaining puberty is indicative of the road to womanhood and eventually motherhood and childbirth.

This allows a woman to be proud of her puberty and makes her feel worthy of all that she underwent ages ago and all that she will in future. Not to forget the period of pregnancy and delivery which is ten times as much more to what she undergoes during her periods. But still, every woman has the right to proudly lift their heads up and shout aloud “I am glad to be a woman for being able to deliver and nourish a life".

The following tips would help you to control or treat the painful periods:

 Drinking lots of water or curd beaten with little salt will reduce the heat in the body and helps in relaxing the body.

TENS machine which when applied to the area of pain produces low level electrical stimulation that blocks or slow downs the pain messages produced by the nervous system and brain.

Avoid caffeinated drinks or foods that may provide more heat to the body thereby increasing the flow and the pain.

Applying oil massages or warmth to the area of pain can be soothing to the body.

A warm bath with or without aroma for relaxation can also be effective in reducing the pain and finally;

Distract your attention to any work of your choice. The more you practice, the more your body will learn and adjust to it. In case you feel that the pain is unbearable or irregular, then do go to a gynecologist.

Other than that, remember that this is a all a part of being a woman.


Guest post by Uma Maheswari Anandane. She is a blogger, reviewer and a freelance content writer .She has published two E-books named Inside My Poem Book on Amazon and Rhythmus available on all big portals such as Apple iTunes, Sony, Barnes & Noble and WHSmith. To know or read more about her, you can visit her at

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